WIN VIP Tour & Lunch with Uwe von Schamann

WIN VIP Tour & Lunch with Uwe von Schamann


Here’s your chance to experience history with University of Oklahoma football great Uwe von Schamann. while also helping the young patients at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital!

Go back in time to 1977 when the hearts of all Ohio State University fans were crushed.

Here’s how it works:

From now until this Saturday’s OU/Ohio State 6:30pm kickoff — Text your donation of at least $10 to @miracles #OU to 52014, and we’ll enter your name in a drawing to win a VIP Tour of the Hospital and Lunch with Uwe von Schamann.

Uwe will personally guide you on a visit of Oklahoma’s premiere children’s rehabilitation hospital, with lunch and photos with one of football’s most decorated players.

Restrictions apply: Tour and lunch for one (1) participant only. Must be redeemed before December 31, 2016.

Making a lasting impact

Almost 40 years after “the famous kick”, college football and NFL legend, Uwe von Schamann, is still making people cheer. However, this time, it’s children with complex medical needs in Oklahoma who are fighting the big battle. Football may have kick-started von Schamann’s journey to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, but it’s his desire to serve that has made a lasting impact.

Uwe’s early years

Uwe von Schamann came to the United States from Germany when he was just a sophomore in high school. However, it wasn’t until his physical education class in Fort Worth, TX, did von Schamann learn about football. “The first time I ever saw a football was when we were playing flag football,” said von Schamann. “During the game I took the football and punted it like a soccer ball. That’s when my coach stopped me and asked if I could do it again. I did, and he was so impressed that he asked me out for the team that day.”

After high school, Barry Switzer and the University of Oklahoma recruited von Schamann to join the sooner football team, playing alongside several greats, including Billy Sims and Thomas Lott. “We were always a really close team. We all just got along, and we still do today. It’s always great to see my old teammates, especially when we get together during alumni weekends,” said von Schamann.

“The Kick”

One of von Schamann’s finest football moments came in 1977 and is simply known as “The Kick.” Oklahoma football fans will never forget the Sooners’ first trip to Ohio State, when von Schamann kicked the game-winning field goal. “I don’t know if you can relate that kind of joy. It’s really hard. Besides having children obviously, I’ve never really experienced that again, even after moving on and playing in the NFL,” said von Schamann.

With six seconds left on the clock, the Buckeyes’ coach, Woody Hayes, called a time-out right before von Schamann’s field goal attempt. “Coach Hayes tried to ice me with the time-out, but it didn’t work. The next thing I remember is the crowd yelling ‘Block that Kick.’ I don’t know why I did it, but that’s when I started to lead the chant, just like a composer, which is a crazy thing to do,” said von Schamann. “Once the time-out was over, the next thing I remember is kicking the ball and hitting it well. Seconds later I was underneath a pile of players. If it wasn’t for one of our offensive linemen bracing everybody, I would’ve probably been crushed right there in Columbus.”

Pressure mounts for this year’s Sooners versus Buckeyes game

As a college athlete who has had to face pressure head-on, von Schamann understands how this year’s Oklahoma football team must be feeling about its upcoming game against the Buckeyes. “These players have probably been looking forward to this game for a very long time,” said von Schamann. “However, it’s not just OU fans looking forward to this game; it’s the whole country, so you can bet the entire team will come out prepared and ready to play.”

A new calling

Not long after “The Kick” and von Schamann’s college career, the Miami Dolphins drafted him, where he played for six seasons, playing in the Super Bowl twice. However, after retiring from professional sports, von Schamann found another calling. “Whether it was coaching or volunteering, I’ve always spent time with children, and I noticed I could relate to children,” said von Schamann. “So it was when I toured a medical facility for children with special needs that I discovered my calling. At that moment, I knew I wanted to help children with complex medical needs. I wanted to become an advocate.”

It wasn’t long until von Schamann decided to partner with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany. The private, non-profit hospital offers 24-hour medical care, comprehensive rehabilitative therapies, respiratory care, and special education to children from birth to age 18. The Hospital is Oklahoma’s only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation hospital in the state. “The people who work here are very passionate about what they do. It’s heartwarming to witness the teamwork that’s involved with taking care of pediatric patients,” said von Schamann. “It reminds me of when I played sports because in order to be successful in a game, you have to be passionate.”

Helping children reach their goals

From the football field to the halls of The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, von Schamann is still sharing hope, love and joy in everything he does. As an Oklahoma Sooners legend, von Schamann said every athlete needs a goal and a reward to work towards, and for him, it is all about helping children. “The patients at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital are amazing. They teach you so much and they bring so much joy,” said von Schamann. “It’s incredibly gratifying to see these patients work so hard to accomplish so much.”

Make a donation to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital.

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