Student Volunteers

Student volunteers are utilized in various ways which align with their interests, knowledge and abilities.  Volunteers are a vital part of our community, working toward fulfilling the hospital’s mission of maximizing the potential of patients with complex medical needs and disabilities. Our volunteers provide valuable services which contribute to the care, comfort and companionship needs of patients and families.

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital will provide all necessary training to all accepted volunteers to have a successful, meaningful and impactful experience.  No medical experience or knowledge is required to be a part of our program!

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The VOLUME Summer Program at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is a service-based, hands-on learning experience for high school students hoping to pursue careers in healthcare, medicine, nursing, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, child life, social work, and so on. Participants have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the hospital’s pediatric patients at bedside and in special education classrooms. VOLUME also includes skill, character and team-building activities, educational presentations and job shadowing opportunities. All sessions will be held at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. Space for the VOLUME Summer Program is limited!

V19 Group - Last Day

“The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital has taught me what it looks
like to truly love your job, and what it looks like to take care of a child’s
every need. I have learned that the Hospital is not like any ordinary hospital;
the staff fully loves and takes care of every individual child and help the
families as best they can.” – Rachel, VOLUME Class III


“The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is such a sweet, joyful place and the VOLUME Summer Program is an incredibly eye-opening experience. The Hospital isn’t just a place where sick kids go…it’s a place where sick kids are given new opportunities, grow stronger, and ultimately learn to overcome their challenges! It is a place full of joy, laughter and LIFE!” – Avery, VOLUME Class V

“The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is a place that is full of life. Each child at the Hospital has something unique and different to offer the world and through the Hospital they are given the opportunity to express their individuality. Their motto really is true – miracles happen here.” – Joyce, VOLUME Class IV

“The VOLUME Summer Program was a blessing and a great opportunity for me. I have learned to have compassion for those who are in need. This program has helped me learn about the medical profession, special education methods and the therapies involved in rehabilitative care. I have been humbled by this experience and am thankful to God for everything He has given me.”  – Adarsh, VOLUME Class III

2022 VOLUME Summer Program

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is currently accepting new applications for the 2022 VOLUME Summer Program! The 2022 session has been created to adhere to COVID-19 protocols and safety for our high-risk patient population.  Space is extremely limited!

To apply for this year’s VOLUME program, please click the link below to create your account and submit your application.

Melissa Green works with Laylah on assistive technology.

VOLUME Summer Program Requirements:

  • Applicants must be enrolled in 12th grade during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Commit to attending all days within their scheduled session.
  • Attendance is expected and only two absences are allowed.
  • Thoroughly read and complete all necessary requirements for their application.
  • Include one online recommendation with the application.  The recommendation should be from someone who will quickly communicate with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital and speak to the applicant’s character, work ethic and ability to show compassion to others. Applications will not be considered complete until the recommendation is submitted.
    • Appropriate recommenders include teachers, coaches, academic counselors, small group leaders, pastors, or those who have supervised the applicant in an employment, volunteer or leadership role.
    • Inappropriate recommenders include family members, boyfriends/girlfriends or friends.

TCCRH Teen Leadership Board

High school students who have successfully completed the VOLUME Summer Program are eligible to serve on The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital Teen Leadership Board. Designed to further connect members to the mission, vision and purpose of the hospital, board members identify and meet the needs of patients through service projects and group activities. Meetings are held once per month, from September through April.