Adult Volunteers

Volunteers are utilized in various ways, depending on their interests, knowledge and abilities.  Volunteers are a vital part of fulfilling the hospital’s mission of maximizing the potential of patients with complex medical needs and disabilities, as they provide valuable services that contribute to the care and comfort of patients and their families.

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital will provide all necessary training for volunteers who are accepted.  No medical experience or knowledge is required.  To work directly with patients, you must be at least 17 years of age and commit to a minimum of one two-hour shift each week (same day/time) over a period of at least six months.

Volunteer positions include:

Patient Companion – Complex Care: Patients in Complex Care, ranging in age from birth to 20, receive medical, nursing and respiratory care, rehabilitative therapies and education.  Volunteers serving as Patient Companions spend time with patients of all ages, with the goal of providing engaging activities, physical comfort, and joy.  

Patient Companion – PMRU: Patient Companions in the Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit (PMRU) provide entertainment and companionship to patients recovering from a traumatic injury or complications from a serious illness.  Volunteers play board games or video games, facilitate small group activities, and read books to patients at bedside.

Play While You Wait: Aiming to transform the waiting room experience to a fun, anxiety-free environment, Play While You Wait volunteers provide engaging activities such as crafts, games, and puzzles to patients and siblings in the Specialty Services and Outpatient Therapy waiting room.  An activity cart stocked with games, puzzles, crafts and books is provided.

Special Education Classroom Assistants: Volunteers assist in each of the Hospital’s six special education classrooms, assisting patients with language activities, music therapy sessions, crafts and more.  Classrooms are led by certified special education teachers who provide training and oversight to volunteers.

Specialty Programs: Volunteers with specific interests and skill sets may receive additional training to serve in specialty programs.  Members of the Music Team play acoustic music and/or sing to patients at bedside.  Volunteers in the Academic Program provide academic support and tutoring to patients as bedside, and are scheduled as needed.

Adult Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must be at least 17 years of age and willing to commit to volunteering for a minimum of two hours per week over a six month period. Selections are made by matching the interests and availability of volunteers with the current scheduling needs and volunteer opportunities. Applicants will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator for an interview when positions are available. Once accepted, volunteers are required to complete a background check, training and receive certain immunizations. All requirements are provided by The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital at no cost to the volunteer.

Complete an application online.

Student Volunteer Requirements

College or graduate students who are interested in completing a service learning project or observation hours as part of a class requirement must commit to volunteering for a minimum of 25 hours over a three month period. Paperwork or evaluations that are required for the class will not be signed by the volunteer coordinator until the volunteer has completed 25 hours of service. Interested applicants must complete an on-site interview, background check, training and immunizations. All required immunizations are provided by The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital at no cost to the volunteer. Students interested in completing a service learning project for the 2018 spring semester must apply before February 28.

Complete an application for a service learning project.

For additional information please contact Amy Coldren, Volunteer Coordinator, at or (405) 470-2284.