As we enter into the Christmas season, we invite businesses, schools, churches, civic clubs, families and individuals to be Christmas Heroes, formerly known as Holiday Helpers. We are offering two donation opportunities to help spread faith, hope, love and joy to our patients and employees.

We know that you have many options when it comes to charitable giving and we are so grateful for the Christmas Heroes that share so generously during this special season. We appreciate every gift, and match each one to our departments’ wishes and the unique needs of our patients as a part of the outstanding patient care we provide.

Give a Wish List Gift

Our goal is to provide a Christmas experience for our patients who cannot be at home with their family and friends through the magic of Santa Claus and special gifts. For children, play is therapy, and our interdisciplinary medical team has selected interactive toys, games and other items that will benefit our patients throughout their care and rehabilitation.

Click the link below to shop for our patients and fill their hearts with Christmas joy. You may purchase as many gifts as you like from the wish list to be shipped unwrapped directly to the hospital.

Give a Flexible Gift

Due to COVID-19 and the hospital’s safety protocols, we are limiting in-kind donations this year. Your monetary donation creates flexibility for our team to purchase perfect developmental and basic needs items that benefit the individuality of every patient from newborn to young adult.

We encourage donors to provide preferences for their contributions, including those wish lists and needs identified this holiday season. For regulatory and reporting purposes, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital will not treat contributions as “donor restricted contributions”, as all gifts will be used to further the organization’s general charitable purposes, including those wish lists, needs and preferences identified this holiday season. All Donor contributions will be used toward the goal of fulfilling our organization’s mission.

Make a Donation Now