Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital has eight certified special education teachers and six lead classroom teachers working together to plan, organize, and implement educational services for patients at the Hospital.

These teachers ensure their students are afforded the same opportunities as traditional students.

The Hospital works with Bethany Public Schools to provide oversight of their education program for school aged patients. Patient’s ages three through 18 are enrolled in Bethany Public Schools and receive education services. Students’ progress is measured by their individual goals created by their teachers.

Teachers work to create Individualized Education Plans (IEP) that evaluate, assess, and develop goals for their students. Bethany Public Schools and education staff at the Hospital ensure the IEP is followed and completed. Bethany Public Schools has two consulting special education teachers and support staff for patients who attend school.

“It makes my heart happy knowing I work to make a difference in the lives of children and families,” said Jennifer Henry, special education manager, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “ I want to continue to explore and implement new opportunities for each patient to actively participate in achieving their individual goals.”

Special education teachers in the Hospital’s Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit (PMRU) place an emphasis on continuing the patient’s education services with their home school. Patients in the PMRU are short-term care patients. Working with their home school allows for a smoother transition when they are able to return home.

“One of the most important roles as a teacher here is helping the patient stay caught up with school assignments. It takes the worry away from getting behind with assignments and helps them feel successful,” said Amber Samuel, special education teacher, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “I have the privilege of working with school districts across the state. We coordinate with the home schools, provide school transition plans, and offer school site visits. Our goal is to make school transition a success for the patient and family.“

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