Teacher Appreciation 2019

Teacher Appreciation 2019

It’s been said that a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love of learning. The special education teachers at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital possess not only these great qualities, but many more.

The Hospital employs seven certified special education teachers and seven lead teachers who plan, organize and implement educational services for patients. “Our teachers are amazing,” said Jennifer Henry, special education manager. “They are constantly thinking of ways to involve their students in experiences inside and outside of the hospital. They don’t want their students to miss out on opportunities that others their age are experiencing.”

The Hospital works with Bethany Public Schools to provide oversight of their education program for school aged patients. Patient’s ages three through 18 are enrolled in Bethany Public Schools and receive education services. Students’ progress is measured by their individual goals created by their teachers.

Special education teachers also place an emphasis on continuing the patient’s education services with their home school. Working with their home school allows for a smoother transition when they are able to return home.

Whether it’s words of encouragement or celebrating their successes, the teachers at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital are devoted to all of their students. “All of Our teachers want to make a difference,” said Henry. “We focus on each child’s potential rather than their weakness, and cherish all the relationships we make.”

To learn more about the Hospital or how to support education services, please click here.

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