Taking the sting out of vaccines

Taking the sting out of vaccines

Getting vaccinated according to the recommended immunization schedule is one of the most important steps a parent can take to protect their child’s health. The Pediatric Clinic at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is reminding families about the importance of vaccines during National Immunization Awareness Month in August.

Along with same-day sick child appointments and well-baby visits, the Pediatric Clinic at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital also provides immunizations. Christina Manley is a Certified Child Life Specialist with the Hospital. She said there are steps parents can take to make it less stressful when their children get shots.

  • “Immunizations can be scary, but they don’t have to be.  With preparation, fun distraction, and loving support from a trusted caregiver, a child can get through their immunizations with confidence and ease,” said Manley.

Here are some ideas for making shots easier on your child:

  • Distract and comfort your child by cuddling, singing, or talking softly. Blowing bubbles will encourage deep breaths that will also help your child stay calm and relaxed. You can also distract your child by playing a video or game on your phone.
  • Be honest with your child. Tell your child in a reassuring way that the nurse is going to give them medicine under their skin to keep them healthy.
  • Comfort your child with a favorite toy or book. A blanket that smells familiar will help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Hold your child firmly on your lap, whenever possible. A chest-to-chest “bear hug” can be a good holding position for older infants and children.

Diseases can quickly spread among groups of children who aren’t vaccinated. Whether it’s a baby starting at a new child-care facility, a toddler heading to preschool, a student returning to elementary, middle or high school – or even a college freshman – parents should check their child’s vaccination records.

To keep your family safe, schedule your child’s appointment today with The Pediatric Clinic at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital by calling (405) 440-9866.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Services include:

  • Immunizations
  • Same-Day Sick Child Appointments
  • Sports Physicals for Established Patients
  • Well Baby/Child Visits

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