Super Kids Meet a Superhero

Super Kids Meet a Superhero

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, some have capes, some wear masks and some fight everyday to become healthier and stronger. Patients at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital received a special visit from Batman, a superhero with his own story to tell.

Darious got to met his favorite superhero, Batman

Brandy Wreath is the man behind the mask and is always willing to pay a visit to the Hospital. Wreath’s daughter suffered an aneurysm at age two and he was amazed by the amount of special visitors she received while in the hospital. “Getting these kids healthy enough to go home is what I want and if I can help do that in any way then I will do it, these visits are very special to me,” said Wreath. He was able to visit with two patients that are both fans of Batman.

Jace was thrilled to take a picture with Batman

Four-year-old Jace is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment after having a tumor removed from his brain. He is working on regaining his speech skills and his balance. His favorite superhero is Batman. “He and his dad both love Batman so this was a great surprise for him,” said Jace’s mother, Taylor. “Jace is such a fighter and he amazes me everyday by his strength through this process.”

Six-year-old Darious is working towards regaining his speech and physical movements after suffering a series of strokes. His bed space is covered in superhero blankets, action figures and his own Batman mask. Darious was given a special gift from Batman for being such an amazing patient.“These kids work so hard every day to get better and they are receiving the best care available to do that,” said Wreath. “I will continue to come back and visit as often as I can.”

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