Sophia Had a Stroke Before Her Sixth Birthday

Sophia Had a Stroke Before Her Sixth Birthday

Learn About Her Miraculous Journey

My daughter, Sophia, was a healthy five-year-old who loved ballet, unicorns, glitter and playing video games with her older brother Philipp. She loved going to school and playing with her friends. However, her world changed forever in November 2017 when she complained of a headache.

We took Sophia to the emergency room where doctors discovered she was born with brain vessel malformations. These vessels ruptured causing her brain to hemorrhage, resulting in a stroke. Sophia underwent multiple brain surgeries, and a piece of her skull was removed to protect her brain stem from swelling.

“She was placed in a medically-induced coma and slept through her sixth birthday. When we were admitted to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, she couldn’t eat or drink. She could only speak a few words. In a sense, Sophia was helpless. We knew the Hospital had a stellar reputation, so we were eager to start her journey to recovery there,” said Jaimie Weihermueller, Sophia’s mom.

Within four months, the staff helped Sophia eat and drink normally and regain her speech. Her physical therapist helped her to stand, to walk and to be independent again. Her progress was truly miraculous.

Sophia is a very active girl, so every therapy session focused on getting her moving. She loved riding the therapy tricycle, perfect for strengthening her legs and improving her hand and eye coordination. Perfect, also, for visiting with staff and other patients along the way!

“Something I loved about the Hospital was how staff treated us with dignity and respect. They made us feel important and cheered Sophia’s accomplishments loudly. Knowing Sophia is alive and thriving after everything we have been through is a relief and a complete answer to prayer.”

Sophia now receives further therapy at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital’s Outpatient Therapy Clinic. Your membership into the Hospital’s new monthly giving program, 1898 Club, gives patients like Sophia the chance to transition from hospital to home. To join the club today click here.


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