HydroWorx Pool

Every dollar counts.

The Hospital’s current aquatic therapy pool was installed in 1997 and was used with frequency for nearly 20 years. It is currently non-operational beyond repair and unusable. Without this pool, patients are no longer able to receive aquatic therapy. It is our highest rehabilitative therapy need right now. However, an outdated design meant that only 25% of the Hospital’s inpatients had access to the benefits of aquatic therapy. A new design would mean that 75% of the Hospital’s inpatients would have access to this pool, and 25% of the Hospital’s outpatients could participate in aquatic therapy.

Aquatic therapy has many benefits, including:

  • Increased joint flexibility: A patient in a pool is less affected by gravity than when on land. Arms and legs float, allowing for a greater range of motion.
  • Increased muscle strength: Water provides more resistance than air. A simple movement, like moving your arm back and forth, becomes more difficult in water. Exercises in water become low impact, as they do not require the same weights or equipment that would be needed on land.
  • Decreased pain: Warm water relaxes sore or tight muscles, allowing a patient to move and stretch with less pain.
  • Decreased abnormal muscle tone, spasticity and rigidity: Patients with cerebral palsy or those recovering from traumatic brain injuries often have rigid or stiff muscles. Warm water combined with therapeutic treatments can help improve this.
  • Improved balance: Patients who are learning or relearning to walk can practice these movements in an aquatic therapy pool without the risk of falling or loss of balance that can occur on land.

The new Hydroworx aquatic therapy pool would include:

  • An adjustable floor with variable water depth: The pool that is currently in the Donald W. Reynolds Complex required a mechanical lift to transfer patients from their wheelchairs, over the side of the pool and into the water. This was a difficult and lengthy process. The new pool will have a floor that rises to meet the needs of each individual patient. Patients can walk onto the surface or be wheeled onto the surface in a special wheelchair, and then be lowered to any depth. The entry and lowering process takes only 30 seconds.
  • Underwater cameras and monitoring system: The previous pool had a viewing window, which required one therapist to stand outside of the pool and communicate directions to the patient and therapists in the water. The new pool has five cameras within the pool and a flat screen viewing monitor. This allows both the therapist and the patient to view their movements. Like doing exercises in front of a mirror, it is easier to make corrections when you can see what you are doing.  As it will no longer require a staff member to stand out of the pool, fewer therapists will be required for each treatment session.
  • Variable speed underwater treadmill: The entire pool doubles as a treadmill. It has a cushioned design with excellent traction, allowing for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Resistance therapy jet with massage hose: Jets can add additional resistance which can be beneficial for deep tissue massage or more intense exercises.
  • Hand-held remote: All functions listed above can be controlled via a water-resistant remote control. This allows therapists to make immediate changes without having to leave their patient. This is an added safety feature, but also allows therapists to maximize the time they are in the pool to make the most of a treatment session.

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