Patients participate in Vacation Bible School

Patients participate in Vacation Bible School

This is the third year The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital’s Chaplain, Dorothy Bayles, has organized Vacation Bible School (VBS) specifically for hospital patients. “Our goal for the patients is to give them an experience they won’t forget. Children everywhere go to Vacation Bible School over the summertime; it’s almost like a rite of passage, so we want our patients to get that same experience,” said Bayles.

The four-day event, themed “Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love,” allowed patients to explore the treasures of the Lord’s Prayer, while having fun with beach-themed activities. The patients learned about God’s love, how they can live and spread the love of God, and what it means to be a true disciple. Seventy- eight patients participated.

This year’s mission project involved the patients giving water bottles to “community helpers,” including the Bethany Fire Department. Patients individually decorated water bottles, prayed over them, and then handed them out to local firefighters. Through this lesson, the patients learned about the importance of giving back and showing God’s love.

VBS is a specialized form of religious education children attend every summer. It is a voluntary program, where parents must give permission for their children to attend. Bayles introduced VBS in 2014 and is overjoyed about the opportunity to make it a tradition at the Hospital. She believes in giving the patients the same experiences other children their age have outside the Hospital.

This year’s VBS also brought employees of the Hospital and the Bethany community together. Employees decorated their offices and many of them volunteered to lead prayer before each class session. There was also community involvement with children and young adults volunteering to help, as well as local school and church bands helping to lead worship.

“VBS is very important at the Hospital because it provides patients with spiritual enrichment and a fresh perspective,” Bayles said. “It’s been great seeing the involvement from employees and the community, and their desire to invest in our patients.”

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