Outpatient Therapy COVID-19

Outpatient Therapy COVID-19

Dear Outpatient Therapy parents/guardians,

As a standard of The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, we take great care in offering the safest environment for our patient population. Together with the Hospital, Outpatient Services is evaluating the COVID-19 situation and all available information daily. All of the following precautions and plans are current today but will evolve daily as we adapt to the most current information. Moving forward:

  • We will include wiping down all surfaces hourly, washing hands of each child and the therapist before and after each session, and we will continue to thoroughly clean each room following each session.
  • If parents or caregivers would like to remain in their vehicles during their child’s therapy session, please call the front desk at 405-470-2242 and your child’s therapist will meet you at your car at the front door of the bed tower to assist with a safe transfer in and out of the facility.
  • If you choose to accompany your child to the therapy session, please limit the appointment to one caregiver (or one parent and healthcare worker) with the child. We are asking as an added measure of safety that you not be present in the treatment session areas, but please wait in the lobby.
  • Please speak with your therapist if you would prefer your child to only be seen in individual therapy rooms and to avoid any gym areas.
  • We will be asking any family that travels outside the state to notify our front desk staff or therapist before returning to their appointments.
  • We will be asking any family that travels over spring break to notify our front desk so we can remove your child from the schedule for two weeks. We will resume therapy with your child following the two weeks. It will be your choice if you would like to make up the sessions, it will not be held against your attendance record.
  • If you feel the risk outweighs the benefit for your child, please call and discuss taking a break with your therapist (this will also not count against any attendance).
  • You will be receiving a call informing you of our upcoming teletherapy services, we encourage you to take advantage of this service during this time. The service is HIPAA compliant and allows us to continue working with our patients. 

We have many patients with complex medical needs and immunocompromised systems that need to be protected, we feel that these measures will help ensure the safety of our patients and staff. We are grateful for your support as we navigate this situation. Please feel free to call the office with any questions.

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