National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

The Nutrition Services Department at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to the overall health, well-being and nutrition needs of the patients and the staff. The department consists of 19 nutrition service members and three clinical dietitians, providing nutrition services to over 120 patients and over 600 staff members. They prepare and deliver an average of 640 formula cups daily, design individual patient nutrition plans and assist staff in meal planning and nutrition needs.

Claudine Yoseph is the catering coordinator supervisor on the nutrition services team. When asked what she loves the most about her job she said, “My job allows me to do something I’ve always loved – working with food! I love the positive comments and compliments I get as people fill their plates. I love the freedom of being able to create new items, and the positive feedback I get from doing so! I love this hospital!” said Yoseph.

According to Angelena Vaughn, cook, nutrition services, what she loves the most are the people she works with everyday. “I love how all of the employees are so nice and willing to help one another. I also love how they enjoy their jobs taking care of these wonderful children.”

Jimmy Wheeler is the director of nutrition services. Wheeler is devoted to improving the health and wellness of patients, their families and his fellow staff.

“Patient care is our top priority. Ensuring our patients are meeting 100 percent of their nutritional needs is of the utmost importance to our department, while also providing delicious and nutritious meals to all of our staff members at a reasonable price,” said Wheeler.

Included in the nutrition services department is Jennifer Postlethwaite, a clinical dietician in the Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit. She witnesses first-hand the impact nutrition has in the rehabilitation and healing process.

“I love getting to see all the progress that patients make during their journeys. It is really incredible to see some of the transformations they make while they are here,” said Postlethwaite. “I also love providing nutrition counseling for our employees and helping them meet their personal goals.”

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