National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day

Patients at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital recently celebrated National Book Lovers Day.

Zach Rael, a reporter with KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City came to the Hospital to celebrate the day by reading books to the patients and staff. Zach had never been to the Hospital and was thankful for the opportunity.

“It was such an honor for me to visit the patients and staff at the Hospital. I loved having the opportunity to read a few books to the children! It was such a positive experience, I hope to be able to go back soon,” said Rael. “While taking a tour of the Hospital, I was truly amazed at everything they do each and every day. From the staff, to the children and their families, everyone was in such high spirits. I wish everyone could go spend an hour there to see it first-hand.”

National Book Lovers Day is on August 9 and was created to encourage those who love to read to find their favorite reading place, a good book and read the day away.

For more information on the Hospital or on how to donate please, click here.

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