Music Therapy Ushers in the Holidays

Music Therapy Ushers in the Holidays

The familiar sounds of Christmas music can be heard throughout The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, as the music therapists are busy spreading holiday cheer. Since the start of December they have been incorporating Christmas music in their sessions, but they need help to purchase some needed instruments like tambourine’s, acoustic guitars and keyboards.

Music Therapist Alexis Robison (L) strums the ukulele with Jaccari.

“We want to enhance our patients’ holiday experience in the hospital by providing live music for their Christmas parties, as well as taking patients caroling around the hospital,” said Alexandra Robison, music therapist. “We have started using Christmas music to help get the patients into the Christmas spirit.”

Being in the hospital on Christmas is something no child should have to endure, so the staff wants to provide the patients with the absolute best Christmas.

“We try to help normalize the patients’ hospital experience at Christmas time by providing familiar Christmas music and fun holiday traditions,” said Robison. “Making their time here as memorable as possible is what we strive to do.”

A group of Music Therapists sing Christmas carols to patients at the hospital.

The Hospital employs a group of dedicated music therapists that use instruments and music to assist in the rehabilitation of their patients. Patients who may not be able to communicate verbally are able to respond to the sounds and vibrations of music.


If you would like to donate to our music therapy program or any of our other programs this holiday season, please click here.






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