Mikayla’s Journey Home

Mikayla’s Journey Home

Seventeen-year-old MiKayla Roberts was involved in a car accident due to distracted driving; she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, numerous facial injuries and a fractured ankle. In November 2017, she was admitted to the Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital.

Mikayla arrived unable to communicate, eat, and suffered from memory loss as a result of the traumatic brain injury. She had a tracheostomy and gastrostomy tube to assist in breathing and feeding. She has now started to walk with a walker, speak and eat, but she still struggles with memory loss because of the injury to her brain.

Mikayla smiles after one of her therapy sessions

“Mikayla was agitated upon arriving. She was not able to speak and walking was difficult. She has continued to get stronger every day,” said Tami McMichael, pediatric nurse practitioner.

Although Mikayla was wearing her seat belt when the accident occurred, she was looking down at her phone which caused her to become distracted from the road. Her message to drivers is simple, “Don’t text and drive. Whatever the message is, it can wait until you stop.”

The latest Safe Kids Oklahoma reports indicate over 600 injury crashes among drivers ages 16-24 are due to distracted driving.

Mikayla plays yard ball with a visitor

Mikayla, a junior at Piedmont High School, is currently enrolled at Canadian Valley Technology Center for auto repair. She has two older brothers who taught her the basics of auto repair, so she developed a passion for fixing cars at a young age. Mikayla also loves hunting, fishing and being outdoors, as much as she can.

During her stay at the Hospital she has participated in a variety of therapy sessions to help regain her strength and abilities. Some of her favorite therapies include playing yard ball and doing puzzles and board games with her recreational therapists.

Mikayla cannot wait to get home and cuddle her dog Brandy and return to school with her friends. To learn more about the Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit and the services offered, please click here.

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