Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping Kids Safe

Robbie, and her son Logan attended a Safe Kids Oklahoma event earlier this year, there she had her car seat installed and ensured a proper fit for Logan.

Recently Robbie and Logan were in their vehicle at a four-way stop, as they proceeded another vehicle ran the stop sign and struck the right side of her vehicle, the same side Logan sits on. Thankfully no harm was done to Logan as he was properly secured in his car seat.

Robbie’s vehicle was that struck on the passenger side.

“My baby was protected and is with me today, this could have ended very differently. I believe God lifted Logan out of harms way and having everything perfectly in place kept him injury free,” said Robbie. “Thank you for what you do and your part in keeping babies safe, what you do makes a difference.”

Safe Kids Oklahoma is a statewide network of partners and local coalitions that are dedicated to preventing childhood injury in Oklahoma. Safe Kids Oklahoma is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, which is aimed at preventing unintentional injuries to children ages’ birth to 19, through education, deployment of resources, and delivery of services.

As part of their educational training and resource distribution, Safe Kids Oklahoma travels across the state performing car seat checks, installation and distribution to those who are in need. Performing car seat checks are vital to new parents and guardians who may not know how to properly install a car seat or know which car seat they should buy.

Julia Koelsch, Child Passenger Safety Coordinator, Safe Kids Oklahoma performs a car seat check during a recent seat check event.

Julia Koelsch is the child passenger safety coordinator for Safe Kids Oklahoma, she and over 750 Child Passenger Safety Technicians statewide have checked and installed over 3,500 car seats. Their job is to not only perform safety checks but to educate the public on proper car seat fittings and Oklahoma car seat laws.

“Every 33 seconds in the United States a child under age 13 is involved in a vehicle crash. Choosing the correct car seat for your child and making sure that it is used properly will offer the best protection in the event of a traffic collision,” said Koelsch.

To learn more about Safe Kids Oklahoma, proper car seat installation or find a car seat event near you please click here for more information.

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