Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

What leads someone to become a neurodevelopmental pediatrician? For Steve Couch, M.D., it was simple: the desire to help others. As a medical student, Dr. Couch discovered his interest in child development and a more specific focus on children with significant disabilities. Dr. Couch worked with countless children in his twenty years in the rehabilitation program at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, before making the move to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. After working in university managed healthcare, Dr. Couch was attracted to a different approach to helping children with complex medical conditions. He’s happy to have found a facility that is more flexible and able to adapt to patient’s needs. Put in his own words, Dr. Couch is enjoying working with “really nice, really dedicated and really smart people who know a lot.”

Dr. Couch’s desire to help extends beyond patients. He admits he makes staff laugh by offering to help out with just about anything – from getting a drink of water for a busy co-worker or answering phones for nurses at the desk, to helping a four-year-old patient make a trip to the restroom.

With three children pursuing advanced studies and careers in the western states, Dr. Couch and his wife are active in church activities. Simple things go a long way for this dedicated doctor. In his free time, he likes gardening, woodworking and hiking. Although he’s still adjusting to the flat landscape of the plains, this mountain lover has enjoyed exploring the Wichita and Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuges in Oklahoma.


First Job: Assisting in his father’s research lab at Baylor University.

Dream Weekend: Camping in the mountains – “almost anywhere above 8,000 ft.”

All-Time Favorite Movie: The first Star Wars. He attended the world premiere of “some new space” movie with a friend way back when – who knew?

From the Bucket List: To visit all 50 states (49 down, only Hawaii left to go), and to give his daughters away at their weddings.

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