Kaylyn Receives an Early Holiday Gift

Kaylyn Receives an Early Holiday Gift

Christmas came early this year for 17-year-old Kaylyn Barbour. Kaylyn, a patient at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, is recovering from a car accident. She now relies on a wheelchair for most of her day-to-day activities. To help improve Kaylyn’s mobility, Pride Mobility donated a new motorized wheelchair as an early gift.

Kaylyn received her favorite snack, Oreo’s from the Carl Albert High School Girls Basketball team.

Pride Mobility donated Kaylyn’s chair after they heard her story. “For those truly in need, with no options, it’s our privilege to work on a most-in-need basis to help fill in the gap for individual situations requiring life-sustaining mobility technology,” said Mark Smith, general manager, Public Relations, Quantum Rehab Pride Mobility Products.

Lori Boyd and Kaylyn pose for a picture before the school bus arrives.

Kaylyn attends Bethany Public Schools. Her chair makes it easier for her to get on and off the school bus. The chair also makes it easier for Kaylyn to move from class to class. Kaylyn was overcome with joy and surprise when she found out about the donation. “It shows there are still really great people out there. This chair offers more than just mobility, it allows me to perform pressure relief which is my favorite part,” said Kaylyn.

Melanie Connel is a physical therapist at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital who works with Kaylyn on her physical rehabilitation plan. Melanie was grateful for the donation as well, “This is the first time I have ever had a power wheelchair donated to a patient. They are expensive pieces of equipment that are very high tech so it’s pretty amazing they would donate something like this to Kaylyn,” said Melanie.

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