Katie’s Journey

Katie’s Journey

Hi! My name is Lerah Katie Sawatzky and I go by Katie. Since I was five years old, I’ve had seven brain surgeries. Through the years, I missed a lot of school and had to learn how to do things on my own again. I was able to graduate from high school in 2015. This was a big accomplishment for me. I also completed job skill training at Project Search. I enjoy working with children, playing and helping animals, making flower arrangements, and art.

The last big event that brought me to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital was when I had a bad seizure. I was not able to wake up, move my body, and was not responding. It was really scary to everybody around me. God has helped me get to where I am today and I am very thankful. The staff at the hospital is wonderful and the ornery Dr. Couch makes me smile and laugh every day. Sometimes, therapy is really hard but my therapists encourage me to keep trying. The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is such a wonderful place for all kids with special needs.

Even though it hurts, I try to walk and keep on walking. I have overcome many things in my life. I had to learn to eat again, talk again, learn again, and I am still learning how to walk again. My feeding tube is out, my trach is out, and I continue to make progress daily. I know I have to work hard every day to reach my goals. My goal is when I leave rehab that I will walk out the front doors and go home to my family, niece and nephew and play with my dogs.

I have a lot of special memories about my journey and the many people who have helped me along the way. I am thankful for my, especially ornery, family that keeps me laughing through the hard times. I love helping my friends and encouraging others.

Remember to always work hard, pray to The Lord, and when you fall down get back up again!

Love, Katie Bug

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