Izzy’s Journey Home

Izzy’s Journey Home

It is a homecoming 127 days in the making. Today, Izzy Kitterman left The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital to return home to Tulsa days before the Thanksgiving holiday. Before leaving, Izzy kicked-off the Hospital’s Holiday Helpers Campaign by lighting one of the Hospital’s Christmas trees.

Izzy makes her way down the hallway for her discharge parade.

On July 17, 2017 Izzy was involved in a car accident that tragically claimed the life of her brother, sister and close family friends. Once Izzy was medically stable, she admitted to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital where she has received intense therapy.

David Owens, director of Respiratory Services gives Izzy a final hug before she is discharged back home.

“I have loved my stay at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, and I love all the staff. The nurses and doctors are great,” said Izzy Kitterman, patient. “I really love my physical, occupational and respiratory therapists. I am the most excited to get home and see my dog and my friends.”

The Holiday Helpers Campaign is an opportunity for the community to give back. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, local businesses, schools, churches and families are invited to meet the material needs of the patients by purchasing items ranging in diapers to specifically requested toys and therapeutic items. The items that are of the greatest need are included in the Basic Needs List. Click here to shop now.



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