Hospital VOLUME Program Begins

Hospital VOLUME Program Begins

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to welcome this year’s high school students participating in the VOLUME (Volunteer, Observe, Learn, Unify, Mentor, Explore) Summer Program. This program is focused on providing teenagers insight into the medical, rehabilitative and educational services offered at the Hospital.

The VOLUME Summer Program provides hands-on learning experience to high school students who hope to pursue careers in healthcare, physical rehabilitation, special education or social work. Throughout the program, students participate in team and character-building activities, educational presentations and one-on-one patient interaction. The program is limited to 24 participants each year, and is open to those enrolled in 10th through 12th grades during the preceding school year.

“This is the fifth year of the VOLUME Summer Program. Through this program, we have seen our participants develop a passion not only for the healthcare field, but for working with children with complex medical needs and disabilities,” said Amy Coldren, manager of volunteer services at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “By providing opportunities for one-on-one patient interaction, participates learn how to communicate and interact with children and teens whose abilities and life experiences differ from their own. Participants typically graduate VOLUME with a deepened enthusiasm for their future career path and a greater knowledge of what it takes to achieve their goals. We have had tremendous success with our VOLUME participants. Each summer they make a positive impact on the Hospital’s patients and staff.”

To learn more about the VOLUME Summer Program, and other volunteer opportunities please click here.

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