Hospital Music Therapy Program Receives $25,000 Grant

Hospital Music Therapy Program Receives $25,000 Grant

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital recently received a grant from the Ad Astra Foundation. The foundation donated $25,000 to assist in developing the Hospital’s music therapy program.

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital’s Music Therapy program is the largest music therapy program in Oklahoma. The Hospital employs three full-time, board-certified music therapists, who use instruments and music to assist in the rehabilitation of patients.

“We provide individual and group music therapy sessions to all inpatients throughout the hospital,” said Rachel Nowels, therapy manager, music therapy. “Each patient has a set plan of care with specific goals, and we work towards these goals during their music therapy sessions.”

Where music can help calm an over-stimulated child, and bring words to a child who’s having trouble communicating, the beauty of music can also play a part in physical recovery. “Music can be used to help work on coordination. For example, we might work on coordination of the arms or legs by using the steady beat of a motivating song,” said Nowels.

The grant will be used to purchase sound and light equipment, new instruments and additional training for our music therapists.

The Ad Astra Foundation was established in Oklahoma in 1986. “Ad Astra” is Latin for “to the stars,” as the organization gives primarily to the performing arts and education.

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