Employee Recognized for Resilience

Employee Recognized for Resilience

Each year the Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA), presents the Spirit of Resilience Award to over 50 hospital employees across the state. This award is given to employees that best demonstrate strength and toughness in the face of great challenges and adversity. Teresa Adkison, a physical therapist assistant at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, was chosen as one of the recipients for 2017.

Teresa works with BayLea on manual dexterity.

“The OHA spirit award focused on Resilience this year and there were many individuals at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital that came to mind. Teresa stood out to the group because she exemplifies this in her own life and at work. Teresa is an employee that connects with the children on a meaningful level and helps them achieve their therapy goals while sharing her experiences with them,” said Lori Boyd, chief operating officer, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital.

Teresa has been with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital for over 19 years and is a true inspiration to those that work with her. Teresa works with patients in the Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit (PMRU) to get stronger and regain mobility they have lost due to injuries and illnesses. Her ability to encourage patients to reach their full potential day in and out is matched only by her desire to see them succeed.

“I know there are much more deserving employees here than me but I was truly honored to receive the award. I’m blessed and lucky to work with such compassionate and caring people,” said Adkison.

BayLea and Teresa take a break to talk about their session goals.

Award recipients were chosen by their hospitals for exemplifying the Spirit of Resilience because they: recover quickly from a set-back or adversity, do not let failure define them, continuing on a path to success, come back stronger than ever when knocked down, react optimistically when faced with sudden change or an unexpected outcome; or change a negative turn of events into a positive source of healing for their patients.

“We are pleased to honor these special hospital employees who have dedicated time, talent or expertise to improve their organizations and their communities,” said Craig W. Jones, president, OHA. “These are the type of team members who, when they see problems, consistently work to solve them.”

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