Easter Bunny visits with patients

Easter Bunny visits with patients

Thanks to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office, the Easter Bunny hopped through the halls, visited with patients, took pictures, and delivered stuffed animals to patients with complex medical conditions and traumatic injuries. A uniformed deputy helped escort the Easter Bunny, as she greeted children at the Hospital who are unable to spend Easter at home because of an illness or injury.

Kim Grant’s son, Cohen, is a patient at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. She says her son getting to meet the Easter Bunny was such a special experience for her and her family. “It’s just a real blessing that The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital gives us opportunities we wouldn’t get otherwise,” says Grant. “I couldn’t take him to the mall, fight the crowds or wait in line, so the fact that the Easter Bunny came here is such a blessing. It was such a great surprise.”

This marks the 10th year The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital has worked with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office to bring the Easter Bunny to patients. The partnership was created through The Easter Bunny Foundation, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a personal visit and a toy from the Easter Bunny during the week of Easter to patients in children’s hospitals and pediatric wards across the United States. Deputy Sheriff Heather Williams says her favorite part about coming to the Hospital was interacting with the patients. “For me it’s about seeing their faces. For the patients who are non-verbal, you can see their expressions in their eyes, so to me that’s what makes it all worth it,” says Williams.

The Easter Bunny visited with patients in the Hospital’s Complex Care Unit, Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit and the Outpatient Therapy clinic. Today’s visit from the Easter Bunny was the first time many patients at the Hospital have ever seen the holiday rabbit. Jenny Carter’s son, two-year-old Kolton, had a heart transplant when he was two months old and is now undergoing therapy at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. She says it meant so much to have her son’s picture with the Easter Bunny. “He’s always been too sick for us to take him to see the Easter Bunny, so this is really exciting,” says Carter.

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