Celebrities Unleash their Inner Superhero

Celebrities Unleash their Inner Superhero

Quite often patients and staff at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital receive a special surprise.  Maybe it’s a visit from a celebrity, or a gift from a favorite sports team.

During our recent Superhero Week at the Hospital, celebrities from around the country unleashed their inner heroes.  From professional athletes to movie stars, superheroes came out in full-force to show their support.

The Hospital even received a special video message from movie star Olivia Munn. Watch the video to see how she’s a Superhero for the patients and families. 

The idea behind Superhero Week
We first got the idea to have Superhero Week at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital because we wanted to recognize the superheroes that fill our Hospital. Our Director of Communications and Marketing discovered National Superhero Day fell on April 28th, so we knew the last week of April 2016 would be the perfect time to ask our community members to show us how they’re CAPE-able.

In honor of Superhero Week, we asked our community one question: Are you CAPEable? Community members were encouraged to either donate to the Hospital, volunteer, or pray for our patients, and then take a picture in their favorite cape and share it with us on social media. What happened next was incredible! Our social media exploded with pictures of Superheroes in their capes from around the country. To just name a few, we had movie stars, television news anchors, University of Oklahoma football players, and Super Bowl winners all shared their pictures with us on social media. You helped us raise almost $20,000, which will go towards our new building expansion scheduled to open next year. We aren’t done raising funds yet.  We still need to raise more than $2.5 million dollars by July 2016.

It’s not too late to be a Superhero as well. To make a donation today, click here. To find out other ways you can help The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, click here.

Superhero Week around the Hospital
To celebrate Superhero Week, we decided to hold special events throughout the week for the patients and staff. Not only did we bring local Superheroes to the Hospital, but we also gave our patients and staff a chance to unleash their inner superheroes.

Sunday – Dress like a Superhero
Employees at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital are never afraid of a challenge. Staff members grabbed their superhero gear and had fun showing off their super skills.

“My favorite part was getting to dress up like a superhero. I loved seeing so many of our staff and patients get excited about dressing-up. It was fun watching them show-off how they are superheroes too!”
-Christina Manley, Child-Life Specialist

Monday – Pet Heroes
Our pet therapy dogs, Whiskey and Izzy, showed off their inner superhero abilities in their capes and costumes for the patients. These furry friends help the patients achieve their rehabilitative goals.

“It was awesome to see so much participation from the staff and community. I loved seeing the patients’ faces when Whiskey and Izzy showed up for pet therapy in their Superman and Wonder Woman costumes.”
-Jayci Corwin, Recreational Therapist

Tuesday – Dress like a Superhero
Departments around The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital were encouraged to show off their inner superheroes. Patients loved seeing the teachers, nurses, doctors and therapists dressed in their superhero gear.

“It was awesome to see everyone participate and demonstrate their hidden superhero.”
-Dr. Michael Johnson, Medical Director of Inpatient Services

Wednesday – Community Superhero Day
Not only do we have wonderful superheroes at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, but we have courageous Superheroes in our community. For our Community Superhero Day, members of the Bethany Fire Department, Fox 25 Chief Meteorologist Jeff George, and the musical group Chasing James visited with patients at the Hospital. Patients and staff got to ask these Superheroes about their heroic skills and what makes them so special. Plus, actors with Lyric Theatre also came to the Hospital and performed the musical “The Sound of Music” for patients and staff. Everyone had a blast singing along to several favorites including, “Do-Ri-Me” and “My Favorite Things.”

“I enjoyed meeting all of our community Superheroes. Since The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is a non-profit hospital, we rely on our community members and they never fail to deliver.”
-Danielle Dunn, Public Relations Coordinator

Thursday – National Superhero Day
For National Superhero Day we had several Superheroes come visit the patients and staff. Forever After Parties sent several Superheroes, including Super Woman, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Batman, and Storm. In addition to these Superheroes, meteorology students from The University of Oklahoma dressed-up as Weather Superheroes and talked with our patients about the importance of weather safety.

“I was so impressed by the community outreach we received through hospital visits, pictures, social media, and sweet messages identifying the true definition of a superhero! It was so fun!”
-Kelli Miller, Recreational Therapist

Friday – Staff Superhero Day
We think our employees are some of the biggest Superheroes we know. When we think of superheroes, we often think of their heroic abilities and capes, but here at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, we think superhero powers come from within. During our Staff Superhero Day, Superhero Grams were delivered to staff members as a special thank you for all of their hard work.

“I especially liked the “Superhero Grams.” I loved how the patients were able to decorate the special cards and deliver them to members of the Hospital. It was a terrific opportunity for staff to recognize their co-workers and friends at the Hospital in a meaningful way.”
-Heather Walter, Foundation and Corporate Grants Manager

Saturday – Dress like a Superhero
In honor of the last day of Superhero Week, our employees once again grabbed their Superhero apparel to unleash their inner superheroes. Many departments around the Hospital even organized special costumes to wear for the week.

“I really enjoyed dressing up with my fellow speech-language pathologists! Our department had great participation throughout the week and ordered special shirts, capes, and socks for the “dress like a superhero” days!”
-Sarah Burton, Speech-Language Pathologist

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