Carl Albert Pom Squad Visits

Carl Albert Pom Squad Visits

At any given time the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital has over 150 volunteers to

Harley Beltz and Taelynn Blood play a game of Circus Bingo with members of the Carl Albert Pom Squad

assist in numerous areas around the hospital. They assist in anything from reading books to patients, taking patients to and from classes and assisting in the classrooms. The volunteers are a vital part of the hospitals dedication to patient care and selflessly give their time to care for patients.

Recently the Carl Albert High School Pom Squad visited the hospital to learn more about volunteering and the various services provided to the patients. The students were given a tour, learned about the rich history of the hospital and interacted with patients in the classrooms and in the patient rooms.

Danielle Robinson plays a board game with members of the Carl Albert Pom Squad.

“Our visit to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital was so impactful on my team.  Our eyes were opened to how many children are in need of rehabilitation and we were absolutely floored by the technology available to help them.  We can’t wait to set up another volunteer day to be able to help in anyway we can,” said Crystal Foley, Carl Albert High School pom coach.

Not many high school students know exactly what they want to do after school. Many want to go to college but aren’t sure what they want to major in. Some want to join the medical community, but also aren’t sure in what capacity. Volunteering at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital often gives volunteers the passion to pursue a career in pediatric care.Volunteers provide an invaluable service to the hospital and to the patients. The time they spend with patients assists in the rehabilitation process and helps to create a special bond between the two.

To learn more about The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital and how to become a volunteer please visit

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