Carl Albert Girls Basketball Team Visits Pediatric Hospital

Carl Albert Girls Basketball Team Visits Pediatric Hospital

The Carl Albert High School girls basketball team spent time off the court visiting patients at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. The team toured the Hospital and volunteered with patients in both the Hospital’s Complex Care and Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit (PMRU). The PMRU is Oklahoma’s only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation unit, serving patients from birth to 21-years-old.

Mikaela Turner is a senior at Carl Albert. She said seeing patients’ in the Hospital was very powerful. “My experience with the patients was eye opening and humbling. It made me realize how blessed myself and everyone around me truly is. I would go back to visit any of the patients in a heartbeat because they’re absolutely amazing people,” said Turner.

Carl Albert’s girls head basketball coach, Kyle Richey, took 20 players and two assistant coaches to spend time with the patients. He said it’s an invaluable opportunity for his players to give back and grow closer as a team. “It’s important for these girls to understand there is something so much bigger than playing basketball,” said Richey. “For them to see teenagers their own age recovering from an accident, or a small baby unable to breathe without assistance, really puts life into perspective.”

The team toured the facility and spent time making arts and crafts with patients for the Hospital’s Fall Festival. Patients at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital receive a wide variety of services. Some of those services include 24-hour medical care, special education and various forms of therapy. If you would like to donate to patients at the Hospital, please click here.

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