The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital strives for excellence in all we do. The Hospital’s mission and core values are the hallmark of our culture.


Because we believe life is a sacred, an inherent gift from a loving Creator, and that all children are of equal worth, we dedicated ourselves to maximizing the potential of every child by providing excellent pediatric medical and rehabilitative services in a compassionate environment consistent with the Christian principles on which we were founded.

Core Values

Service — “We exist to serve.”

Integrity — Service with honesty, uprightness of character, and action.

Compassion — Seek to heal the hurts of others. Respect the value of all life.

Excellence — Highest quality in service, standards, word, thought, and deed.

Stewardship — Productive and efficient use of all resources.

I acknowledge and commit to honoring the Mission and Core Values of The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital.