What We Believe – Foundational Guiding Principles

The Sanctity of Life
We believe that all life is sacred an inherent gift from a loving creator and that all children are of equal worth without respect to physical beauty, intelligence, health or productivity.  This work is truly a sacred trust!

The Call of God
We believe that God has a plan for each life.  Just like our founder who felt that God called her to “stop here and help the children,” God continues to call people to invest their lives in helping the children.  We are so grateful for the loving and dedicated staff.

God Will Provide
The faithful and providential hand of God has provided for over 100 years.  Financial Accountability is a high priority of this organization.  We strive to conduct our activities with the highest standards of integrity and stewardship.  We are so grateful for God’s provision through the financial and prayer support of our donors, our volunteers, and our staff.

The inspiration for what we do is rooted in FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

Walking in Faith
Believing there’s Hope
Sharing God’s Love

The Logo

The current logo was developed in 2013.  A “flower” has been part of our logo since 1984.  Just like the flower, our lives are fragile and on this earth fleeting.  The “flower” represented the child and the potential of that child.  The “heart” represents the dedicated and loving staff.  We are dedicated to the flowering of each child to his fullest potential.  Our work begins where we are all equal – at the heart.  If you look closely you will still see the “flower” (tulip) that represents the child.  You will also see the shape of the “heart” which represents all the dedicated and loving staff.

The five beautiful colors represent the Core Values.
Service – Bright Yellow
Integrity – Blue
Compassion – Pink
Excellence – Golden
Stewardship – Green