Our Ambassadors

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is excited to announce the Hospital’s inaugural honorary board.  Honorary board members will serve as ambassadors for The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, as well as support the Hospital’s fundraising efforts through personal and community influence.  Members will be part of the Hospital’s public relations and marketing campaign, including public service announcements, speaking engagements and social media outreach.


Kelli O’Hara

Kelli was introduced to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in 2016 when her niece completed an internship at the Hospital.  She later visited the Hospital with her family. “Visiting The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital was one of the most eye-opening and beautiful experiences I can remember,” said O’Hara.  “Not only was I filled with awe and wonder to meet such brave and extraordinary children, but I was humbled by the strength, generosity and fierce dedication of those who give of their hearts and minds to help these children every day.  I was so inspired by it all.”  O’Hara grew up in Oklahoma and attended Deer Creek High School.  She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance/opera.  A six-time Tony Award nominee, O’Hara won the award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical for the 2015 revival of The King and I. In 2018, she received her first Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Actress in a drama series for the hit web series “The Accidental Wolf”.

Honorary Board Member

Lincoln and Caitlin Riley

The Rileys connected with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in 2015 after meeting Easton Petersen, a 9-year-old boy from Marlow who was receiving care at the Hospital following a car accident.  Lincoln dedicated the team’s first touchdown, scored by Samaje Perine against Akron in 2015, to Petersen.  Petersen has since returned home to his home community where he is attending school.  “The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital has become such a special place to me and my family,” said Riley.  “I am thrilled to be a small part of such an incredible mission led by an outstanding staff.  We look forward to helping and supporting everyone involved.”  Lincoln is the head football coach for the University of Oklahoma Sooners.  His wife, Caitlin, will join him on the board.

Honorary Board Member

Darci Lynne

Darci was introduced to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in 2018 when her good friend and former patient, Danielle Robinson, invited her for a tour of the Hospital and to perform.  As the youngest member of the Hospital’s Honorary Board, Darci is looking forward to continuing her relationship with the children and families.  “It makes me feel good to know I can use the talents God gave me to brighten these kids’ day,” said Darci.  Darci won NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” at 12 years old by the most votes for a final performance in the history of the show.  An Oklahoma native, Darci began participating in talent-based pageants at a young age and picked up ventriloquism shortly after.

Honorary Board Member

Jordy Mercer

Jordy Mercer, a native of Taloga, Oklahoma, first came in contact with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in 2017 only a few weeks before spring training with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mercer was invited to tour the Hospital through a family connection with Mercer Adams Funeral Services. Throughout his major league baseball season, Mercer remained connected to the Hospital. When asked if he would like to join the Hospital’s Honorary Board he said, “It would be an honor and a privilege to be a part of the hospital.” Mercer plays infield for the Detroit Tigers. Jordy and his wife, Kasey, reside in Oklahoma during the off-season.

Honorary Board Member

Michael and Kelsey Fulmer

Fulmer, an Oklahoma native and graduate of Deer Creek High School, and his wife, Kelsey, became engaged with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in 2016 through a family member. “I am extremely honored and humbled to serve on the inaugural honorary board for The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital,” said Fulmer.  “My wife and I look forward to raising awareness for such a wonderful cause.”  Fulmer is a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers and the 2016 American League Rookie of the Year.  Kelsey will join him as a honorary board member. 

Honorary Board Member

Ogbo Okoronkwo

We first met Okoronkwo in 2016 during the Hospital’s annual prom. He returned one year later where he met former patient, Danielle Robinson. The two quickly formed a bond. Keeping his promise to Danielle, Okoronkwo invited Danielle to watch him play at the University of Oklahoma. The two have continued their friendship, while Okoronkwo has continued to support the Hospital’s awareness campaigns. “We knew Ogbo was special when he visited the Hospital for the first time. He immediately gravitated to the patients,” explained Melissa Richey, director of communications and marketing at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “Since then, Ogbo has supported Hospital events and created long lasting relationships with families.” Okoronkwo was drafted in 2018 by the Los Angeles Rams. He played collegiate football with the University of Oklahoma.

Honorary Board Member

J.T. and Lexi Realmuto

J.T. Realmuto, a Midwest City native and graduate of Carl Albert High School, became engaged with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in 2016 when a family friend invited him to take a tour.  During the tour, J.T. immediately connected with the patients.  “Getting to spend time with these children has been a huge blessing for me,” said Realmuto. “They have done more for me than I could ever imagine.  I hope that everyone is blessed with the same opportunity to learn from them as I have.”  Realmuto was drafted by the Miami Marlins in the third round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft.  He was promoted to starting catcher in 2015.  He now plays for the Philidelphia Phillies.  Lexi will join him as a honorary board member.