A Father’s Story

A Father’s Story

Being a father means everything. When you have four boys, there’s never a dull moment. But when one of your sons has complex medical needs, you learn to be resilient. There may be minor setbacks, but your love for your child only gets stronger. 

When my youngest son was only five weeks old, life as my family knew it changed forever. My wife was with our boys at church, when Imri stopped breathing. We almost lost him. He was rushed to the hospital and was later brought to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. After a month of around-the-clock care, we were able to take Imri home.

However, having all four boys under one roof didn’t last for long. A few months later Imri got sick and was put on a ventilator. He’s been at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital for the past ten months and his recovery has been amazing. The Hospital is weaning him off the ventilator and he’s making great strides. It won’t be long until Imri joins his brothers at home.

Even at 20 months old, Imri has taught me so much, including the importance of patience. I can’t do many of the things I would like to do with Imri, and there’s a lot that’s out of my control, but I’ve learned to be patient. It’s only a matter of time until I can take my son home. Until then, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital has become my family’s home away from home. I don’t know where we would be without this hospital and all of Imri’s angels.

I love being a dad. I can’t imagine being anything else but a Dad. I don’t need anything in the world, but for my boys to love me. Please consider making a gift to The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital.  You can help so many other families imagine their miracles.

-Louis Talley, Imri’s father

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