Express Employment International has generously offered to match donations we receive over the next 10 days, up to $10,000. They recognize the need for The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital to continue to use advanced technology to serve children with special medical and rehabilitative needs in Oklahoma and the surrounding region.
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At The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, the safety and well-being of our patients, staff and visitors is always our first priority.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the establishment of social distancing guidelines, we have maintained the highest standards of protection and have put vital precautionary measures in place.

Some of the tools that have proven to be invaluable during this time are digital and telehealth technologies that allow safe interactions between patient care team members, patients and their loved ones, and patients and our healthcare providers.

Telemedicine platforms allow connections through video, electronic and wireless technologies. These platforms allow patients to receive the care they need at a safe distance.  Especially for families that are facing challenges or live in rural areas, access to telemedicine can save on travel and childcare expenses.

Our patient care teams also use digital technology to safely consult and collaborate on treatment plans and ongoing therapies. Providers can connect instantly, even from remote locations.  This type of communication is essential to providing excellent care for our patients.

It’s so important to maintain social and family connections, especially when in-person visits are limited. Video technology brings the faces and voices of family and friends to our patients, providing the love and support that helps them thrive.  We love to see our patients smile!

We’re committed to utilizing technology to enhance patient care, now and as we move into the future. Thanks to you and the generosity of Express Employment International’s matching donations, we can continue to connect, engage, and provide the best medical and rehabilitation services for the children in our care.

Help us raise $10,000 in 10 days!